Tips For Keeping Your Colon Healthy


Our entire bodies are made up for hundreds of different systems that work together to keep us alive.  When we have a system that isn’t working correctly or if we are putting too much stress and strain on it, then we need to take a step back and re-evaluate what we are doing and why.

When we consume food, we start with it going through our mouth where we break it up.  Then it goes down into our throat, into our stomach where it is digested and broken down into components our bodies can absorb.  It is from this point that the food is sent into our intestines and colon.  It is here that we absorb the vitamins and nutrients that keep us alive. 

If we consume a lot of fatty foods, or foods that don’t really break down in our systems, it could lead to some type of colon cancer. That’s one good reason why it makes sense to avail ourselves of mt pleasant colon cancer screening on a regular basis.

Have a colon cleansing

One thing that you can do is have or go for a colon cleansing.  This process can be very invigorating and will help to remove any waste or other components that are laying around din your colon.  This process is a little more advanced than getting prepared for a colon exam.  With an exam the doctor will give you laxative that you will use to help clean out your colon. 

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Consume foods high in fiber

Another thing that you can do is consume foods that are high in fiber.  Fiber is a substance that humans can’t digest but it is something that we need to keep our bowels and digestive system clean.  When consuming fiber rich foods you are helping to stay healthy and remove all of the waste we build up.