Self-Detoxification And Its Consequences


The reasons for drug addiction are plenty, and so are the reasons to justify the issue. There is no imaginable way to selflessly understand what a person addicted to drugs feels or help them accordingly.

The prime reason, cited by experts in the field, to avoid addiction treatment louisville, ms is social stigma backed by self-beliefs. The mind gets hard-wired to think that quitting the drug addiction may be more challenging than living with the addiction itself.

Detoxification: The first step to sobriety

It may begin as a slow impulse, but a few individuals develop the natural urge to let go of their drug addiction. In such cases, their first step is detoxification.

The individual may understand what detoxification means but will not know the proper approach to undertake. Under such circumstances, a detox becomes something even more dangerous than drug addiction. A self-detox gone wrong takes away the essential hope of the person ever gaining relief from the drug addiction.

The consequences of unsupervised self-detoxification

In addition to being unadvisable, self-detox can be acutely uncomfortable and harsh on the body. Eventually, the individual will entirely refrain from undergoing a professional detox procedure due to their failure.

·    The first aspect of self-detox is the imminent danger to life. In an unsupervised detox, the individual may experience hallucinations. There is a considerable possibility of seizures, which, when occurring when the individual is alone, can cause death.

·    With self-detox, there is a reduced chance of success. An unsupervised detox lacks the warmth of constant support, medical safety, and assured comfort through family bonds. These fundamental factors usually serve as the sobriety anchor for a bereaved drug addict.

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·    In self-detox, the drug addicts undertake impatient steps in the beginning and end up having to deal with various withdrawal symptoms. For many drug-addicted individuals, experiencing a withdrawal affects them severely than being addicted. To go through the pain all over again is something they would not want to relive.


It is never easy to either be in the shoes of the drug addict or the one supporting them. Also, there are various forms of addiction besides drug addiction. Ensure you take a healthy step towards a purposeful life with professional aid and not unsupervised treatment.