Knowing the mosquito control products


Mosquito control is a tricky affair in which achieving success depends on multiple factors. The first step to approaching the entire concept is availing of professional advice in mosquito treatment in Guilderland. The following inspection reveals the severity of the infestation and the control engaging procedure.

Mosquito control products are the first line of offense and defense against the nasty bloodsuckers. Here is a brief discussion of the various types you can find in the market.

·    Larvicide for homeowners

Larvicides typically contain the extracts of the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis that produce a toxin to kill fly larvae. They have a generally low impact than adulticides and thus are safe for non-target insects and people alike. Their effects show results up to 30 days and then have to get reapplied.

·    Backyard residual sprays

The effect of residual sprays lingers for long on foliage and other surfaces, effectively preventing mosquito breeding. While professional backyard spraying has more impact than mere homeowners doing the same, the residual sprays are nonetheless efficient. Their effects last for up to a month.

·    Backyard foggers

Backyard foggers are impactful solutions whose practicality comes into the picture hours before a large gathering in the evenings. They are of two types – aerosols or thermals. Aerosol foggers come in spray cans, cost more, and empty quickly. Thermal foggers act like professional equipment, using heat to fan a propane flame producing billowing clouds of white smoke. While the two foggers are notably potent, they also harm neighboring bees and pollinating insects.

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A few other mosquito control products include attract-and-kill sprays, bug zappers, ovitraps, mosquito traps, and more. The issue with these products is their reduced efficiency and non-bias between mosquitos and beneficial insects.

Summing up

The responsibility of utilizing the mosquito control products rests in your hands. Always ensure in-depth research about the active ingredient in the product before applying it to your property.